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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  February 25, 2013 6:00am-9:00am PST

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tepping out of the path. i am talking about the sequester according to the congressional budget office it means we go from recovery into recession. the pentgon will have to furlough 800,000 civilian employees and ray lahood said there will be flight delays flight cancellations action closing some airports. republicans are still in denial. they insist it's not going to hurt that much. all we have to do is tighten our bolts. they are dead wrong. this will be real cuts causing real pain to real people. it is irresponsible to let the sequester kick in. the republicans have to act to stop it. >> this is "the bill press show." >>
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>> hello current tv land. this is chris. that is jim. >> howdy. >> stephanie's not here yet. i have no idea what happened. i haven't heard from her. >> perhaps after last night's debauchery at the oscar party -- >> was there debauchery at the oscar party? there she is. hello. >> stephanie: happy oscar night, everybody. >> are you okay? >> stephanie: i did not just get finished drinking with melissa fitzgerald five minutes ago. hi, jacki schechner. >> good morning. >> stephanie: i don't know. i know jim got there first and we started drinking at what time was that? >> 4:00. >> stephanie: i just finished right now with a third member of our truffle. >> did you bring her in or is she still sleeping? >> stephanie: no. she's driving now. >> okay. because i did get a text from her that said i'm too drunk to
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drive home. i texted stephanie and said is she in safe hands? >> stephanie: i've got her. she's fine. i understand there was a ceremony. we'll talk about that later. here she is, in the current news center, jacki schechner. >> good morning. i was not able to stay up to watch the entirety of the oscars but we do know this morning that "argo" won for best picture and first lady michelle obama was on hand via satellite from the diplomatic room at the white house to give the presentation. white house photographer pete souza tweeted thought photo and the first lady is giving the honor. she sent a statement that in part read she's a movie lover and was honored to celebrate the artists who inspire us and our children. the first lady will join her husband and vice president and dr. jill biden in speaking today to the national governor's association in the state dining room. mrs. obama is going to ask that the governors work with her to help make it easier for returning veterans to transfer
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into civilian life. she wants states to pass laws or enact proposals that will help them get professional credentials or licenses without having to relearn or go through the motions of relearning the skill sets they already know. and that way they will be licensed for credentialed for civilian life. president obama discussed the collection of bipartisan governors from across the country last night. he asked for smart, common sense solutions to the challenges ahead in creating jobs, educating our children and rebuilding our infrastructure. on a side note, pope benedict xvi retires thursday. he's made a change to make it possible for the papal conclave to start working on finding his successor. normally they would have to wait 15 days. this change in the law by the pope means the conclave can begin before march 15th. we're back after the break. compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like.
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." happy oscar post oscar day everybody. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. jim, you were at my oscar party. as far as i know, it is the kind of oscar party where nobody watched the oscars because we were all drunk. >> yes. >> i don't know how you do that, get drunk on a weeknight. >> stephanie: i didn't plan on it. >> but you had lots of wine there. >> stephanie: melissa just left my house a few minutes ago who did make her signature hot brie dish. [ applause ] was not able to get to her
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second oscar party. let's just say. >> also, she doesn't have to get up at stupid o'clock. >> stephanie: but she did. >> exactly. >> stephanie: she brought me a gown. now i have to go be a movie star today. i'm shooting that spot today. >> with a hangover. >> you better sober up! >> stephanie: i'll be in my trailer. >> do you have a trailer? >> stephanie: i don't know. i haven't gotten there yet. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i find myself showght questions at celebrities on the red carpet. >> you've done that before. >> stephanie: what did i ask kevin costner? >> will you send me a message in a bottle? [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: that was the film that year. >> that question has been burned into my memory forever. >> stephanie: right. i yelled it -- at what's her name gwyneth paltrow i love blythe danner. she's right behind you. but she got it. i knew it was her mother. >> didn't you and joan rivers get into a fight?
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>> stephanie: yes. >> that same one? >> stephanie: it was a fake tv fight but i stepped into her area on the red carpet and we had a shoving match but they ran that clip on e! for years. we were saying it is hilarious. all of the right wing blogosphere can talk about is that michelle obama gave the award out. [ explosion ] gave the award out for best picture. >> twitter exploded. >> stephanie: because she was invited to do something and accepted. they're saying what now? >> she did it in a black way. >> mark davis says you're freakin' joking. michelle obama shues herself into the shues herself into the best picture award. can't we just have thing without politics? >> you lost. shut the hell up.
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you're engaging in politics by making a stink over it. >> she was never elected to anything. >> stephanie: that's hilarious. chuck woolery tweeted -- >> stephanie: what does he think? >> i'm done. what the hell. is michelle in the movies. she can't leave it alone. now a speech. shut up. >> chuck who? >> chuck woolery. then he tweeted right after that and said -- >> stephanie: what does bob barker think? >> he said sorry i just threw up in my mouth. >> stephanie: i forgot chuck woolery was a right wing tool. >> he and pat sajak are both right wing tools. >> michelle obama, just when i thought there was something they wouldn't be on. i've heard her make that sound in person before. >> stephanie: sometimes she's next door. she's delightful. >> whiny little -- >> no, no, no. they're all whiny and criy over there on the right when they see the president or first lady
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doing anything. >> who do they think they are? >> stephanie: okay. all right. everybody settle. gentle down. >> i thought it was cool. >> stephanie: oh, my god the mom dance. how funny is that clip from jimmy fallon. >> i'm so proud she's my first lady. >> stephanie: she's hilarious and delightful. "argo" won and daniel day-lewis and jennifer lawrence. >> i expected lincoln to win. instead of "argo." ben affleck wasn't nominated for best director and that usually doesn't happen. but good for ben affleck. he gave a great speech. >> stephanie: he was very cute. ♪ let's hear it for the boy ♪ >> i have a little of it. >> stephanie: yes, i would like some. you thought seth macfarlane seemed nervous. >> it made me really uncomfortable. >> the shatner thing was a little odd.
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>> it was a little too long. >> the booby song was great but -- >> stephanie: that job is too big for anybody. they have to have a robot do it. a human being will be too nervous. >> i think they need a professional host like ryan seacrest. seth macfarlane has never done anything like that so of course he will be nervous. >> stephanie: we have some of ben affleck. >> i was here 15 years ago or something and i went out you know, i never thought that i would be back here. and i am. and it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life because that's going to happen. all that matters is that you gotta get up. >> stephanie: oh that's the part i forgot. just stay down. getting up again. oh, that's right. good for him. [ applause ] >> because he was knocked down by geally -- gili.
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so many jennifer lopez couples. >> was there a thing for them? >> jell-o fleck. >> stephanie: no, that's not it. >> stephanie: let's play michelle obama in case some right-wingers are listening. >> and the oscar goes to "argo." >> stephanie: yea! [ applause ] >> that drove right-wingers nut nutso! >> poor jennifer lawrence, she fell while going up. she did a face plant on the stairs. >> stephanie: i didn't see that. >> i fell and that's really embarrassing. >> but she did get a standing ovation. >> stephanie: for falling? for all of it. and then i have to say this one i did think was funny. the fantasy -- we saw your boobs
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sequence. they're pretending he did that as a musical. ♪ we saw your boobs ♪ ♪ in the movie that we saw we saw your boobs ♪ ♪ meryl streep, we saw your boobs in silk wood ♪ ♪ naomi watt in "mulholland drive" ♪ they made us feel excite and alive. ♪ anne hathaway we saw your boobs in "brokeback mountain" ♪ ♪ we haven't seen jennifer lawrence's boobs at all. ♪ we saw your boobs ♪ ♪ in the movie that we saw we saw your boobs ♪ ♪ kristen stewart, we saw your boobs in on the road ♪ ♪ helen hunt, we saw them in the sessions ♪ ♪ and scarlett johansson we saw them on our phones ♪ >> jodie foster in the accused.
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hillary swank in boys don't cry and kate winslet in heavenly creatures and hamlet and titanic and iris and little children and the reader and whatever you are seeing right now we saw your boobs. ladies and gentlemen, the chorus of los angeles. ♪ we saw your boobs ♪ ♪ we saw your boobs ♪ >> wow! >> stephanie: i thought that was hilarious. >> great singer. >> amazing they found enough gay men to sing in the chorus. little unusual. >> especially for hollywood. >> stephanie: try to drive through hollywood. >> the street is still closed down. i had to pass through dolby. >> stephanie: they were putting barricades down in front of me on my way to spin class. no, i have to get through. exactly.
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i saw "zero dark thirty" saturday because i wanted to see it before the thing. >> was it good? >> stephanie: "new york times" yesterday. gotta get this guy on. >> we're working on it. >> stephanie: that's a lot of highlighting. but it is very important. no, i thought it was a good film. he makes a good point. it is entitled torture lies and hollywood. we'll talk about it. it is what we were saying jim it does create the misinterpretation that we got information by torturing this one guy. the guy that wrote this is fbi agent who has been involved in all of this. he said exactly what mccain and feinstein everybody else is saying. first of all this is a composite character. this guy -- so what they're saying is the guy that it's based on is not the guy we got the information from. so it creates the misperception that torture works. so anyway -- [ ♪ battle hymn of republic ♪ ] ali, he wrote the book, the black banners. he said i watched zero dark
6:18 am
thirty not as a former fbi special agent who spent time prosecuting al-qaeda but as one who enjoys movies. as history, it is bunk. he makes the point i think a film is supposed to be based on events that should be more accurate. it is not saying you don't have a first amendment right but you're going this is an actual historical event. he is afraid to will create the misimpression this is how this went down. the film opens with the words based on firsthand accounts of actual events but the filmmakers pass fiction off as history when a character named amare is tortured and implies gives up information that leads to osama bin laden. amar is a composite character who bears a strong resemblance to a real life terrorist. he was a relative of bin laden's lieutenant khalid sheik mohammed. the real mr. belushi was not among them. that's a pretty big hole right
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there. in fact, torture led us away from bin laden after mr. mohammed was water boarded 183 times. he played down the importance of a courier who led us to bin laden. numerous investigations most recently, a 6300 page classified report by the senate committee on intelligence have reached the same conclusion, enhanced interrogation didn't work. that's why mccain and feinstein, all of the senators wrote to the filmmakers. portraying torture as effective risks misleading the next generation of americans that one of our government's greatest success came about because of the efficiency of torture. it is a disservice both to our history and to our national security. anyway, great stuff. while filmmakers have the right to say what they want, i read kathryn bigelow's piece. i get it. you can't squelch first amendment rights but this is an actual historical event. while filmmakers have the right to say what they want, officials don't have the right to provide filmmakers with false information. providing selective information
6:20 am
about a classified program means there's no free market of ideas. they talk about john brennan. now president obama's nominee to head the agency. recently testified the classified report raised serious questions about information he received when he was the agency's deputy director. mr. brennan said publicly what many of us were were in interrogation rooms have been warning about for years. misled about the enhanced interrogation program. he makes a good case where they out to declassify this to set the record straight. i agree with him. >> we have a little bit of breaking news. >> it was bennifer. >> stephanie: thank you. >> that's what ben affleck and jennifer lopez were called. >> jell-o fleck. that sounds kind of gross. >> stephanie: reminds me of when i had food poisoning. ooh, it is jell-o fleck. right back on "the stephanie
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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♪ yeah, you know me ♪ >> stephanie miller. >> stephanie: i've got party food on my lips? >> you've got party food on your lips. >> stephanie: 23 minutes after the hour. i'm a mess. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. all right. happy post-oscars everybody. what kind of drinks was t-bone
6:26 am
making? >> the zero dark thirsty. and the margo-rita. which is made with pomegranate juice, iran's number one export. >> awesome. >> stephanie: we were creative drunks here at the "the stephanie miller show." departed from his normal flirtini. >> well, yes. he had an oscar party. >> stephanie: laura in pennsylvania. laura, welcome. >> caller: hi, stephanie and everyone. >> stephanie: hello. >> caller: you can hear me right? okay good because i was having problems with my phone. my topic is the deficit. i know most people -- there was $2 trillion left for the deficit before obama got in. okay. from the great republicans that killed us before and is about to kill us again. okay. well everybody out there do you know also ryan owes the same amount? that our president does? $7 trillion. so i'm just tired of them lying constantly.
6:27 am
these stupid republican voters are going to put us in another recession. why? i don't understand it. they just want to take everything -- i don't understand. what the hell's the matter? >> they want to destroy the country and they think they can blame obama for it. that's their whole motivation right now. >> stephanie: i've told the story before about when my father tackled me into the ming vase and it broke and then he said -- it was something expensive in the '70s. >> it was the crystal egg from "risky business." >> stephanie: because he would yell butkus and i would run for my laugh. he was the feared tackler in the '70s, dick butkus. he said look what you did. mom's going to kill you! republicans are doing to obama on the economy. look what you've done now. by the way, i had to read more of this. [ ♪ battle hymn of republic ♪ ] torture lies and hollywood.
6:28 am
we posted this. i saw "zero dark thirty." you can't take something historical and fudge it and yes torture went on during that period but it does leave the distinct impression that's what led to bin laden. >> you know what also was a good movie? >> first hitler reference of the day. >> thank you. >> stephanie: nearly a half hour in. >> little more esoteric than your usual reference. >> stephanie: exactly. he didn't say the word "hitler" for instance. some of the memos, because this is a really important issue for history. some memos pointing out their inaccuracies have been declassified. there are books on the subject including my own. promoters of torture get to hoodwink journalists while selectively declassifying material and providing false information that fits their narrative. you see dick cheney. keeps the same their at this going like oh, yeah, it worked.
6:29 am
the creators of "zero dark thirty" attempted to document the greatest manhunt but they did so without noting that their history was based on dubious sources. they took the account of a few officials with an agenda and amplified it suggesting to americans in cinemas around the country that torture helped lead to bin laden. there is no suggesting that another narrative exists. i've seen it so i can confirm. hollywood is primarily about entertainment. more about setting history straight. it falls to congress and the president. mr. brennan can read how the public was misled. it is duty of the congress to declassify the report and the other documents that advocates of torture don't want released. that's the only way to ensure that future generations won't go down the dark and dangerous path again as senator john mccain has said, the senate has the potential to set the record
6:30 am
straight and end the stain on our country's conscience. once that's done, it won't be long before another movie comes along to tell how we killed bin laden. [ applause ] i agree. it is not often we say why that john mccain is right. but we just did. let's go to kathy in michigan. hey, kathy. >> caller: wow. can i ask you a question. what is a mook? >> stephanie: i'm too old and drunk to renow but i think -- >> it is a psychic that constantly tears the other person down, i think. >> stephanie: that. >> caller: from where is this reference? >> stephanie: brooklyn. i don't know. >> caller: okay. well what i wanted to comment on and i would like your -- kind of your view of this is you know, in all of the discussion of the sequestration and how it's going to impact everything and everybody, how come we never hear about the congress taking a pay cut or you know, i get the
6:31 am
impression that the congress really -- the majority of them really went for this jab because they make a lot of money. $170,000 a year. >> stephanie: that would require consistency and what's the other word? a soul? >> most of those people are already millionaires from other ventures so they should turn down the pay if they're so freakin' rich. >> stephanie: 29 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show."
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billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go to
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>> our hats are off to -- >> stephanie miller. >> for proves once again given the tiewfnt actresses over 50 can land large aircraft. >> what? >> stephanie: this is the "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. your lovely wife offered to give me -- what is it? flight. >> your wife is a member of the academy? >> well no, i am. >> okay. >> stephanie: i'll wait. until we're going on vacation in a couple of weeks. i'll wait until right before i get on the plane. >> i don't think they'll be showing that in flight. >> it is like an airplane where they're showing in-flight movies >> like the hindberg. >> stephanie: i hope denzel washington is flying this plane. he's the only one that can land
6:37 am
it upside down. >> like the sock puppet of "flight". >> stephanie: 1-800-steph-12. >> he ordered cocaine. >> stephanie: lester in nevada. >> caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. >> stephanie: yes. i just wanted to remind the american borders that for the first two years of this presidency when the democrats had the house of representatives, our president came up with proposal after proposal after proposal that were republican-backed ideas that were passed by the house and as soon as they got to the senate, they were filibustered. and these were ideas that would have helped the country.
6:38 am
>> stephanie: exactly. this is why it is almost the perfect example. at any other era be considered an olive branch nominating a republican. the secretary of defense is also -- >> decorated veteran. >> stephanie: tanya in washington. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hey, tanya. >> caller: hello. how are you? >> stephanie: hello. >> caller: i'm doing wonderful and i have a couple of points to make. >> stephanie: all right. >> caller: number one on the sequestration. which is the separation of the american people from the american way of life. period. end of discussion. that's what it is. that's all it is. the separation of the american people from the american way of life. how dare they. don't do that. number one. number two, congressional paychecks. i have a problem with this. i'm part of the negative 1%. i made $5,000 last year but i'm very proud of that because i made it with my own two hands.
6:39 am
so the congressional paychecks should match the paychecks of the people they represent so in other words their paychecks should be $25,000 a year as well. >> stephanie: interesting. all right. we'll propose that to them. i'm sure they'll be down with that. is it me? i'm already sick of the sequestration. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm sick of the sequestration ♪ ♪ it's given me some frustrations ♪ ♪ i'm done with the sequestrations ♪ ♪ i'm sick of the sequestration ♪
6:40 am
♪ i've had it with sequestration ♪ [ laughter ] >> stephanie: rocky mountain mike. >> mary in ann arbor singing back-up. >> stephanie: one to sing about sequestration. what a bunch of geeks. i love you guys. >> hard to replace brian wilson. >> he did it. >> stephanie: erin in buffalo. hey, welcome. >> caller: hi, mama. >> stephanie: hello baby. >> caller: i have a very special 50th birthday wish you can grant. >> stephanie: it is your birthday today? >> caller: it is. >> stephanie: happy birthday. >> caller: could you please wish me happy birthday as barbara walters? >> stephanie: happy 50th birthday to you erin. >> caller: thank you very much. >> that's scratch, scratch scratch because she has chickenpox, you see.
6:41 am
>> stephanie: i am very, very itchy. [ laughter ] sorry. >> or rubella. >> stephanie: doesn't there exist barbara walters and -- singing fire. you sing romeo. >> stephanie: there we go. that would be funny. a lot of l words and also r words for barbara. >> her favorite show. >> stephanie: itchy itchy itchy, scratchy, scratchy, scratchy. the president. >> obama: are they prepared to inflict more pain on the middle class because they refuse to ask more of those at the very top. >> stephanie: the answer unfortunately to that is yes. >> i think he was asking rhetorically. i think he knew the answer. >> stephanie: the president again. >> stephanie: that's cuts --
6:42 am
>> obama: these cuts don't have to happen. congress can turn them off at any time with a little compromise. >> stephanie: what is this? friday. it is coming up this friday. jim called it exactly right. they want to harm the economy. so then they hope that people have no memory. >> look how bad the economy is. >> stephanie: look what the black guy did. >> if we go into sequestration we can't undo it for 30 days after it happens. so you know, if they come to an agreement and take away sequestration, we can't undo it for another 30 days. so this is going to cause huge harm to the economy. >> stephanie: you can't unbreak the vase. >> you can't uncrack the crystal egg. >> stephanie: you cannot uncrack the crystal egg and i'ms very disappointed in you! i'm very disappointed. >> disappointed. >> stephanie: i'm sorry jim. >> if you're going to be flying anywhere you better hope denzel washington is flying the plane because air-traffic controllers
6:43 am
will be out of commission. >> stephanie: libertarian paradise. >> great just go. >> stephanie: you figure it out. >> don't worry about the at tutees or -- about the altitudes. >> stephanie: we were talking about rand paul who is technically a libertarian eye doctor which means you could operate with a rusty spoon if you wanted to. >> no regulations. >> stephanie: let the market decide. it is america. free country. >> i don't have any lasers in here but i do have a rusty railroad spike. that will work. >> that will take out an eye. >> stephanie: if you're against regulation -- don't be -- how are you? >> should have mentioned you wanted me to improve your vision. >> stephanie: let the market decide whether people want their eye surgery done with a rusty railroad spike. just sayin'. okay. ray lahood yesterday on "meet the press" talking about the effects. >> this requires compromise. this requires republicans
6:44 am
stepping forward with some ideas about how to keep essential services of government running at the level that people have been accustomed to. this is not rocket science. >> stephanie: as i recall david gregory asking his usual -- >> boneheaded -- >> stephanie: boneheaded -- shouldn't the president reach out more. ray lahood is a republican. how much more can this president reach out to the other side? >> he was a republican congressman. >> for god's sakes. >> very disappointed in you. >> shouldn't the president just give up? >> stephanie: right. i knew how this term was going to be when that was the first question after the election. don't you think the president should appoint mitt romney to negotiate the fiscal cliff? huh? >> why? >> stephanie: see, that's why i don't get invited on those shows, i literally would say what the [ bleep ] really, david gregory? >> he proved himself to be a
6:45 am
spectacular failure. >> stephanie: okay. our favorite crayon in new york. sienna. our best burnt umber. >> i'm drawing and making a coloring book right now as we speak. i'm not making a joke. >> that is awesome. >> it is, actually. i'm looking for a publisher but that's another topic. so i'm calling just to mention and remind people, not that they haven't been reminded enough, that this -- john boehner got 98% of what he wanted. he's happy. so when everybody else is miserable, let's remember that john boner is happy and take that to the voting booth in november of 2014. >> stephanie: he's 98% happy the other 2% bourbon. all right. arne duncan, education secretary talking about the sequestration. >> we don't have any ability with dumb cuts like this to figure out what the right thing to do is. it means a lot more children will not get the kinds of
6:46 am
services and opportunities they need and as many as 40,000 teachers could lose their jobs. >> other than that. >> stephanie: as john boner would say, so it be. people lose their jobs, so be it. >> i'm good with that. >> stephanie: does this make any sense to you? senator tom coburn, republican of oklahoma says the obama administration is absolutely exaggerating the effects of the sequester. there are ways to cut this money. the american people will never feel. coburn added he feels the sequester will go into effect on friday. it is terrible and stupid. but the obama administration is exaggerating it. what? it is like -- >> john boner is incredibly happy with it all. >> exactly. >> stephanie: senator john hooven republican of north dakota. >> house republicans have already passed two bills to replace the president's sequester. so the question is why won't he work with us? and the answer quite simply is because he wants higher taxes.
6:47 am
>> as a part of -- an entire package of -- he can't take yes for an answer. >> stephanie: okay. i'm sick of the sequestration. i am! >> you want to play that again? >> stephanie: no. 45 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: call the political party line now. 1-800-steph-12.
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you've heard stephanie's views. >>no bs, authentic, the real thing. >>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct line to stephanie miller. >>the only thing that can save america now: current television. >>join the debate now. >> stephanie miller.
6:52 am
♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. >> do we need to send you to rehab? >> stephanie: probably should have stopped there on the way here. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll toll free from anywhere. adam in california, you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, there. stephanie, i'm from california. so obviously i'm stupid. >> stephanie: right. what? >> caller: how come other states don't pay the same kind of taxes we pay? texas is trying to lure businesses away from california by telling them they don't pay taxes so get out of california because you pay too many taxes. can you explain that to me? >> stephanie: you're talking about the ads that rick perry is running. [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ]
6:53 am
>> rick perry also came in companies and told them to move. >> stephanie: good thing on "meet the press," deval patrick bobby jindal, he did put up a graph. basically how much better things are in massachusetts. what do you think that could be? what do you think the difference could be? [ ♪ "jeopardy" theme ♪ ] why is everything so much better? and then bobby jindal just said some -- you know, bull [ bleep ] it is amazing how like they can just twist statistics. put up the graph. things are better in every way. >> and louisiana's falling apart. but other than that. >> stephanie: we were talking about russell crowe during the break. i think he's getting a bad rap. someone tweeted about the mic levels were off on the "les miz" -- >> his mic was on. >> i thought he sang very well in the movie.
6:54 am
>> i do, too. >> clear, tenor voice. he hit the notes. he has no natural have been verb rat toe. hugh jackman has too much. ♪ i were king of the forest ♪ >> i thought russell crowe last night and in the movie, he was fine. >> stephanie: i think so, too. >> there we go! >> stephanie: governor mary fallon republican of oklahoma. >> certainty of sequestration is harming our states and our national economy. >> stephanie: yeah. a lot of governors are warning about what the effects will be. >> they have no idea if they're going to have funding as of friday for various things. >> stephanie: governor john hickenlooper of colorado. >> this is something that nobody wants. it is not a balanced, thoughtful compromise. >> the republicans seem to want it. they want the economy to crash and they want to blame obama for it.
6:55 am
>> stephanie: interesting story speaking of governors. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] we were talking to rick scott. we're going talk to the rude pundit. you know, it's interesting. jacki's from florida. she was like i don't really buy it the change of heart. i think they're coming up for re-election. a lot of them are in states that went for obama. the headline is battered g.o.p. governors change tune ahead of 2014. from politico, they stormed into office two years ago willing to knock heads and make enemies now governors are in a fix. up for elections in states that barack obama carried and with dangerously low approval ratings. john walker, kasich are swearing off budget cuts and presenting a softer side to voters. are you going to forget everything that walker did or kasich or any of these guys? anyway rick scott's surprise expansion of medicaid. latest in a series of moves to improve his standing. he will decide if he gets a second term.
6:56 am
>> that's the kind of flip-flop i like though because he flip-flopped to do the right thing. >> stephanie: that's what rude pundit was saying. you have to give him credit for doing the right thing. you can speculate as to his motives. >> right. his moyes are that he wants to get re-elected. you get re-elected by doing the right thing. >> stephanie: ohio's kasich signed a law to curtail public employee's bargaining rights that generated massive protests and a successful ballot initiative to overturn it. he got spanked at the polls over that. now, he, too has embraced the medicaid expansion and proposed a change to the education formula that issues many in his -- that irks many in his own party. right after the election in june, he invited democrats in the state legislature over for beer and brats. so everything's fine now. >> yum. >> stephanie: sorry about your collective bargaining. have a sausage. he's worked with our leaders since then on issues like mining. tom corbin got -- he was one of the transvaginal dudes.
6:57 am
now he's pushing to raise gas taxes to pay for transportation projects. it tests well with the public. so you know -- >> bridges? who needs bridges! >> sheesh. >> stephanie: meanwhile senator ted cruz the new mccarthy. >> he even looks like him. it is eerie. >> stephanie: you think he's being enough of a douche nozzle now. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> he has to tone it down to get elected. >> stephanie: long time douche nozzle. a new report in new yorker on friday looked back at the remarks he reportedly named a speech. he pointed to compliewnses among the harbor law school faculty. >> he had a list but he wouldn't name them. >> i have the list in my hands of 205 communists in the state department. i meant two. >> stephanie: president obama he added would have fit right in. cruz attended the school from
6:58 am
'92 to '95 during which he accused the school of harboring communists. they were puzzled because they were unaware of any basis for them. a professor who taught cruz and also served under ronald reagan also believed cruz's comments to be untrue. he noted cruz could have been appointed to a specific group of left-leaning faculty members but deeming them communist lacked nuance. unusual for republicans to lack nuance these days, isn't it? >> nuance is french and gay. >> like the old-ance. like that movie "amour." >> stephanie: french and gay. >> well. it's not gay. it was about a heterosexual couple. >> stephanie: all right. you know what? this is one silver lining. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] senators near a deal on
6:59 am
background checks for most private gun sales. this would seem like the minimum of what we can get done. >> i'll believe it when i see it. >> stephanie: okay. bipartisan group of senators on the verge of a deal that would expand background checks to all private firearm sales would limit exemptions but significant disagreements about private gun sales. i'm sorry. this is so paranoid. i mean -- >> the government has not yet come for your guns means they're going to come for your guns. >> stephanie: these negotiations are challenging as you would expect on an issue as complicated as guns said senator schumer. of all of the senators involved, approaching this in good faith. we're serious about trying to get something done. we're going to keep trying. i think at this point we have such a low bar for any sort of cooperation on any issue that it's like okay. well democrats say keeping records of private sales necessary to enforce any new law and because current federal law requires them to keep records of private sales would help law enforcement track the history of a gunutioned in a crime.
7:00 am
that would be helpful, wouldn't it? republicans believe records of private sales could put an undue burden on gun owners or a precursor to a national gun registry. >> because it is so onerous to have to register your car. >> stephanie: right. >> such a burden. >> stephanie: government's coming for your cars. okay. 589 minutes after the hour. -- 58 minutes after the hour. back with eric boehlert on "the stephanie miller show."
7:01 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ]
7:02 am
>> stephanie: oh, hello current tv land. hour number two. eric boehlert coming up from media matters to cohost right-wing world. love letter. dear mama, you've got a pension for surrounding yourself with wondrous people. jim is in the bathroom. the delectable fetching chris that's you who has perfected the man dance the outrageous t-bone and jacki swimming in smiles with a snark bedazzling the airwaves then you the fanny brice of flatulence. [ applause ] only jacki bedazzles the airwaves. >> i never owned a bedazzler. >> stephanie: you're like aretha franklin's hat at the
7:03 am
last inauguration. >> but i never owned a bedazzler. my mother had one. >> stephanie: it is your blinding beauty and wit. that's what it is that bedazzles the airwaves. here she is. jacki schechner. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] >> the rnc is on a mission to get all hip and modern and reach out beyond its base of older white voters. reince priebus is heading west to meet with tech experts and hear from minorities. he's in denver for a listening session with hispanic voters. tomorrow he's here to meet with hispanic and asian voters. he shoots up to san francisco for a meeting with tech experts and will supposedly make a stop at facebook then on to seattle for a meeting having to do with early voting. the rnc is working on a report due out next month on what went wrong in 2012. it is all part of their growth and opportunity project. that's in quotes. "growth and opportunity project." at the same time back in washington the rnc is hosting
7:04 am
an event tomorrow in honor of black history month. good thing they got that in under the wire. on friday night march 1st they're holding an event honoring black republican trailblazers. also happening this week president obama is going to newport news, virginia, tomorrow, to visit a ship building operation presumably to help illustrate the impact the sequester will have if the cuts kick in on friday. both on domestic and defense programs. maybe officials already are delaying projects in anticipation of not having the funds to complete them. and if the work doesn't move ahead on some of the projects, thousands of shipyard workers could lose their jobs. also, we're expecting tomorrow, a vote on former senator chuck hagel and the next secretary of defense and jack lew should get a vote on his nomination for treasury. we're back after the break. stay with us. high. cenk uygur: i think the number one thing viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. i think the audience gets that i actually mean it. michael shure: this show is about being up to date so a lot
7:05 am
of my work happens by doing the things that i am given to doing anyway. joy behar: you can say anything here. jerry springer: i spent a couple of hours with a hooker joy behar: your mistake was writing a check jerry springer: she never cashed it (vo) the day's events. four very unique points of view. tonight starting at 6 eastern. rich, chewy caramel rolled up in smooth milk chocolate. don't forget about that payroll meeting. rolo.get your smooth on. also in minis. a closer shave in a single stroke for less irritation, even on sensitive skin. ♪ ♪ gillette mach3 sensitive. gillette. the best a man can get.
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: yee-ha. it is "the stephanie miller show." in our post-oscar glow. hangover. we're all hungover. >> what do you mean all? i didn't have a single drink last night. >> stephanie: really? that's wrong. jim was at my house drinking with me as he should be. 1-800-steph-12 the phone until toll free from anywhere. there was a ceremony of some sort. we missed most of that. you can e-mail us all there. chris chris he will -- chris
7:09 am
lavoie, jim ward. eric boehlert doing the lord's work. ♪ come on, baby ♪ >> let's dive into the right-wing world. >> i don't know what that means. >> eric boehlert from media matters. good morning. >> good morning. >> stephanie: i imagine you're enjoying the right wing freak out over michelle obama giving out the os cash last night. -- giving out the oscar last night. >> the reaction was instant on both sides. right wing freak out began. i think liberals just started laughing and laughing, knowing that the heads were going to be exploding. >> stephanie: right. still -- >> still realizing they didn't know laura bush appeared. ronald reagan addressed the awards in 1981. laura bush appeared on "american idol," i think it was. >> stephanie: you scamp. >> the obamas are this cultish
7:10 am
narcissist out-of-control people who, by the way were invited by the academy to please appear on the telecast last night. but you know, she was invited but now she's intruding. she's an egomaniac. >> stephanie: recordkeeping. >> this is a definition of obama derangement syndrome. their image appears and it triggers this chemical reaction. >> stephanie: exactly. >> ine chuck woolery. >> stephanie: you people at media matters with your recording voices, going back to laura bush and reagan, how dare you. your tweets great as always. fox is just like msnbc only conservative because 15 hours a week a former congressman hosts the fox wake-up show. it is incredible, right? >> howard kurtz did a piece. we see him all the time. he was suggesting it was a hiring of axelrod and gibbs that msnbc is becoming sort of the de facto mouthpiece for the bush administration. and he was saying well, fox
7:11 am
created this model and et cetera, et cetera. then this whole long piece i never mentions that the fox model, you know, if msnbc is following the fox model why -- you know, why isn't there a democratic -- former democratic congressman hosting the show on television? that would sort of make it the equivalent. it is not just joe scarborough. he gets 15 hours. he's on just as often as maddow. lawrence combined. >> stephanie: speak of inconsistencies. if graham, mccain can't sleep at night about hashtag pen ghazi, then why -- >> this thing -- steve brennan last week noted hagel dead enders are starting to look silly. but right. it is all because depending on the day it is either because
7:12 am
of -- you know, what he said about israel. what he said about iran. all about benghazi and look, you know, mccain went on -- was it "meet the press" saying don't you care about these four americans dead in benghazi. to david gregory. really? this is what it's about now? you know, conde rice was in charge of national security and 3,000 americans died on 9-11. john mccain complained that anyone dare even oppose conde rice. nobody tried to filibuster her when she became secretary of state. slightly different standards that they're using. >> stephanie: yeah, just a little bit. you say press accounts of -- breitbart. stop pretending the word journalism in that sentence, right? >> yeah. i also said they really need to give up the ghost. they have to stop pretending this is "conservative journalism." it is propaganda.
7:13 am
the deliberate spreading of rumor and misinformation and in this case, for a partisan gain. you know, read all of the columns about well, gee you know any other news organization would have posted a correction if they had screwed up as bad as friends of hamas or any other reporter would have googled or tried to track it down. that's not what they do. they're not in that business. the press needs to let that go. and they need to start using the word that accurately describes what breitbart and these other sites do and that's propaganda. the press is terrified of using that word but it absolutely is the one that describes it. >> stephanie: it goes to -- your tweet was great. sorry, g.o.p., just because obama is popular with the public doesn't mean he's failed to do his job. you write a great piece about the bush years. great piece this week. >> thanks. i was feeling nostalgic. every time i turned on fox or went online to the right-wingers talking about the lapdog press.
7:14 am
for obama. and they're letting him get away with everything. then you start looking at the -- well, okay, what's the evidence? and there isn't really one. their complaint is he's too popular. i wrote a book called lapdog. i looked at the press performance under bush and specifically during the run up to the iraq war. i pointed out like by the way this is what it looks like. i honestly went back and looked at a lot of stuff i wrote. even i forgot how just amazingly awful -- what a complete collapse of judicialism that was -- journalism that was. so that is what it looks like. just because obama's still popular, i'm sorry that does not prove the press has failed to do anything. >> stephanie: you pointed out something i had forgotten about. even msnbc was nervous they hired phil donahue. he was a host because he was against the iraq war. >> internal g.e. nbc memo saying he would be a difficult face for
7:15 am
nbc at time of war. he was, by far the most articulate passionate, anti-war critic. i think it was five weeks before the invasion. by the way you're fired. it was like -- again you do. you completely forget what a total collapse of journalism that we saw. >> ashleigh banfield was banished for awhile, too. >> that's right. >> stephanie: that's what this hagel is about. it is because he was right about iraq. that's what most republicans were mad about. anyone who was right it sticks in their craw. >> so they're going to take it out and keep hammering away but again, this is not a lapdog press. in fact, one of the instances they keep pointing to, they won't cover benghazi. they've covered up benghazi. you do a quick search, "new york times," "washington post" since last september 800 columns and articles that have mentioned
7:16 am
benghazi. if that's a cover-up, it is the worst cover-up ever. >> stephanie: you mentioned my favorite story, the downing street memo. we were screaming our heads off about this. i don't know if people remember. it was minutes from an actual meeting with tony blair that basically they were saying the u.s. has already decided to invade and you know, the u.s. is just going to be interested in justifying a war rather than preventing it. as you said, how does the american press respond? it yawned. >> five weeks. virtually no mention. that was leaked in may of 2005. it was a very big deal. as you said, it was memos from august, before the war. and blair is meeting with his top advisers in d.c. they said by the way we're going to war. everything you're hearing is a snow job. they're fixing the intelligence around this invasion. so this was like the holy grail. it is like what everyone had assumed and for five weeks the american press did nothing. and you know, i was in islam at
7:17 am
the time. i remember reporting that. i got comments from a. p. and "usa today." they admitted we totally blew it. we should have done it. but that was the mindset. you were not supposed to push back. you were not supposed to uncover this gigantic lie at the center of the iraq war. >> stephanie: think how many people would be alive if the press had done their job. that unfortunately is what a lapdog press corps looks like. let's not diminish the failure of that corps. just because obama's most strident critics have failed to turn the voters against the president doesn't mean the press is not doing their job. one of your best and that's saying a lot. let's dive into the right-wing world. see what's doing today. rudy giuliani on greta van susteren. >> maybe there will be some layoffs but not massive layoffs. federal government needs some layoffs. we employ way too many people in the federal government. that's why we're spending a
7:18 am
trillion dollars more than we have. if anybody thinks the federal government is efficient then you're on mars. the federal government is highly inefficient. it could use a 5% or 10% cut. it will make it a lot more efficient. >> republicans complaining where are the jobs. giuliani wants to get rid of jobs. >> stephanie: not as inefficient as let's say your last campaign. >> there's that. >> if you look at the current unemployment rate, all of the economists agree the reason it stuck there is because obama has basically slashed government jobs in a way no previous administration has. of course, people like giuliani don't give him credit for it. but he has done what other administrations don't which is cut government jobs and if you look at economists, they're saying maybe that wasn't such a great idea. we would have an 8% unemployment if government jobs had stayed the same. i'm sorry. so government jobs, is this now include the pentagon? is this our military? we should just cut by 10%?
7:19 am
suddenly giuliani doesn't like anyone collecting a government paycheck. that's an awfully big umbrella to start talking down people and suggesting they're all lazy and sitting around and inefficient. >> stephanie: exactly. 17 minutes after the hour. eric boehlert remains in the sidecar. we condition continue right-wing world right after this on "the stephanie miller show." >> i got her number off the men's room stall. 1-800-steph-12.
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. >> stephanie miller. ♪ check it out now ♪
7:24 am
♪ funk ♪ >> stephanie miller. >> stephanie: yeah, yeah yeah. it is "the stephanie miller show". 22 minutes after the hour. eric boehlert from media matters. >> we continue right-wing world. juan williams and herman cain on happen i. >> now we're approaching a sequester. they're going to pull money helter skelter from every sector. what do you think that's going to do to our economy? >> you're dead wrong. the factors that caused the economy to contract. >> that's what the economists say, herman. >> those are the wrong economists. [ laughter ] >> analyzing all of the factors that's what they're not doing juan. >> stephanie: wrong pollsters for mitt romney. >> the proud new fox news contributor, right? >> exactly. >> so i guess -- his debating skills just going to be -- you're talking to the wrong economist or the wrong scientist or the wrong historian. >> stephanie: those are the wrong numbers. >> he definitely brings the tea
7:25 am
party perspective which is we live in a parallel universe. and we have our own facts and we have our own history and it makes it easy. >> stephanie: to quote megan kelly to karl rove, is this just republican mass that makes you feel better about yourself? bill crystal on fox news sunday. >> the white house proposed it originally so the white houses about being misleading when they denied that. a majority of republicans in congress voted for it. they had it as a fail safe mechanism. now it is happening. it is path et thick is a political debate about democrats. how many months away from the next election? this is a long way. september of the election year, you understand you're not going to get a compromise. really in february right after a national election, you people can't rise above this? the president of the united states does stupid campaign events with people with emergency responders behind him as props? the republicans in the house sit around saying oh, hey let it go
7:26 am
in. we're going to stand up and say what about the military? >> stephanie: wow. so george bush never used a let's say first responders as the -- what's the word? props? >> you know, he was grasping at some logic there. give him credit. the key phrase there was after an election, they can't compromise. gee, traditionally, what happens after an election, traditionally what happens when one side wins an electoral landslide, they're able to get some sort of movement from you know, the party out of power. but the republicans have completely tow up all of the traditional rules whether it is cabinet confirmations or dealing with the white house. and that's the way it's going to be. you know, obviously crystal is frustrated but he doesn't quite have enough courage to come up and articulate what it's really about which is this radical obstructionism in the republican party. >> stephanie: sean hannity on the sequestration. >> government projects these massive increases every year.
7:27 am
we're borrowing over a trillion dollars a year. 46 cents of every dollar we're borrowing. this year's budget, with all of the president is demagoguing of doom and gloom with his predictions, we'll send more money this year than he spent last year. he acts as though this is a mayan apocalypse that the book of revelation is -- the seals have been opened and the hell and the fury of the final days is upon us. that cannot be true. why does he do this? >> stephanie: he's a little drama queen. >> he was feeling it there wasn't he? so i think -- this is part of the -- the sequester is no big deal. the cuts are no big deal. there are definitely a couple of camps that we've seen and some in the conservative press are definitely sort of pushing this like hey, this is what we want. we want to starve the government and drown it in the bathtub. this is going to be a good thing. so i think we should just put
7:28 am
that all on the record and get it recorded and we'll see if this actually does happen and we'll see what the impact is and then see if they still stand by this as a great thing. >> of course not. >> draconian cuts overnight. but yeah, and once that -- it plays into their fantasy about you know, drastically reducing the size of the government and of some them are definitely making the bet that hey this will be great. it will be great for us. bill crystal and others realize it is just going to be a nightmare for the republican party. >> stephanie: exactly. liz cheney on hannity. >> at the end of the day it comes back to president obama. he has come into office. he's been very clear. he wants to weaken the united states. he wants to diminish our power in the world. he doesn't believe the united states should be the preeminent power in the world. and when you look at that list, you mention now all of that -- it is bearing fruit. we're seeing what happens when america's enemies are bolder, are stronger, are more willing
7:29 am
to stand up for what they believe in than we are to stand up for what we believe in. >> stephanie: wow. >> what is he talking about? >> stephanie: wow. >> you know, speaking -- we were talking about the press during the iraq war. i mean just hearing the neocons like liz cheney talking about what a failure obama is. these were the people that were cheerleading the $2 trillion war 4,000 americans dead. at least 100,000 iraqis dead. 30,000 50,000 americans wounded. i mean for them to even have the gall to go on tv, you know, and lecture obama about how he's doing everything wrong in foreign policy and somehow -- america's standing. it is just kind of disgraceful. >> stephanie: exactly. wow, somebody new. stan on the talk to solomon radio show. >> that's right. >> stephanie: the obama administration starting with obama and all of the other people in that administration, believe that the american people
7:30 am
will accept the use of strength, the military or nonmilitary to forcibly disarm and in the process, hurt, kill, imprison, not one not 100 but thousands maybe tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of americans. you really think they think that will be able to move forward? >> stephanie: wow he's new at this radio thing. >> awful. laugh laugh. >> talk to solomon? no thanks. >> he's certainly tapping into the sort of guttural fear out there, right? the gun crazy fear and what obama wants to do and things like that. and somewhat unrelated but i just came across it today. larry pratt his right wing gun nut and we featured some of the stuff he said on media matters. he was on the nra talk show last week talking about if obama
7:31 am
takes guns, we see another waco, you know, he's basically warning obama his family would not be safe. >> oh, my god. >> yeah, so this is just -- we laugh about obama derangement syndrome when it is michelle obama and the oscars but there is a deeper -- >> stephanie: dangerous undertone. eric, great stuff this week. a pleasure as always. >> i'll talk to you soon. >> stephanie: there he goes. [ applause ] he's awesome. iright back on "the stephanie miller show." current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's
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>> that was a fake fart because i couldn't summon up a real one to express my disgust with -- >> stephanie miller. >> stephanie: okay. i just did a roker. oh why thank you t-bone. he just brought me water. thank you. >> yea t-bone. >> it's vodka. >> stephanie: i'm a little dehydrated. okay. you know what i need? some therabreath mouth wetting lozenges. >> how about that for a segue? >> stephanie: this hour brought to you by therabreath mouthwash and toothpaste available at target and walgreens. and the mouth wetting lozenges, love them. >> without the lozenges, you have trouble saying mouth-wetting lozenges. >> stephanie: exactly. >> you sound like marco rubio trying to eek out a sentence. >> stephanie: "saturday night
7:37 am
live" version. dale in georgia you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi dale. >> caller: hello. i want to quote grandpa simpson and say that i'm not a crank. >> stephanie: so noted. >> caller: well, i've got two -- the republicans took a perfectly good clinton economy our clinton economy and they ruined it. they insisted on what their trickle down voodoo nonsense -- and now they're wanting to take everything that we're trying to do, that the president's trying to do and prevent us from rebuilding it. >> stephanie: yep. >> this whole sequester is part of that. it's like we have empirical evidence that your experiment failed. let us get on with our experiment let's call it. it is like they're coming in and they're sabotaging our efforts. we were fairly cooperative. >> stephanie: dale, even --
7:38 am
reagan's budget director, trickle down didn't work. exactly. we have empirical evidence. he was the one that came out and said paul ryan's budget is nonsense. >> that's right. >> stephanie: that's the thing. these are facts and numbers and policies that have already been tried. >> it was a great mudcat impression by the way. >> thanks. >> the guy on the phone. >> stephanie: maybe it was. >> you were saying thanks. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: kelly in west virginia. hi kelly. >> caller: good morning, guys. i have a question. can you be a left wing gun nut? >> sure. >> i imagine. >> okay. that's all i wanted to know really. i've been called a gun nut. but i'm very less -- when i listen to you guys there, i'm a gun nut. >> stephanie: why are you a gun nut? >> i have a large collection of guns. i'm a hunter. i have a farm. >> stephanie: how does that make. >> gun nut.
7:39 am
>> having a farm does not make. >> gun nut. >> well, i have a rather large collection of guns. >> stephanie: how many are we talkin'? >> 27. >> stephanie: oh, my god. >> a lot of them were passed down to me through the generations. i have a gun that was used in the war of 1812. >> stephanie: wow. are you a well-regulated militia. >> caller: but i don't think that way. you know, i once had a crush on clint eastwood so i went and got a magnum so i could make his day. >> wow. >> stephanie: well, somebody called. >> gun nut just because you have a collection of guns? to me, a gun nut means someone -- like wayne lapierrre that doesn't want any kind of regulation of any kind of guns. >> okay. so i can still be a loving homo and love my guns. >> stephanie: absolutely. you're the official gun-loving homoof "the stephanie miller show."
7:40 am
>> he could have a 21-gun salute and have six left over. >> stephanie: let's go to -- >> gun-loving homo. >> stephanie: guess who's on the phone. your girlfriend. hi question and answer bee in tennessee. >> hello sexy chris. >> i'm doing great. >> i think you mentioned jacki did not believe scott walker. i'm sorry. >> stephanie: rick scott. >> caller: i agree with her. what he said was -- nobody seems to have caught this. what he said was while the federal government is paying 100% of the medicare expansion, does that mean that after the government is no longer paying 100%, that florida is going to get out of this? i don't understand why nobody has caught that word. >> stephanie: i see what you mean. >> one other thing.
7:41 am
someone called in earlier about what congress makes. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: this may not be common knowledge but john boner the biggest boner in congress makes $224,000 a year. plus we pay 75% of his health insurance plus all of this money he gets from lobbyists and this man makes almost a quarter of a million dollars a year. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: so i think they need to be paid on the days they work. if i don't go to work, i get docked. >> stephanie: exactly. >> caller: if they're paid by the days they work, then -- not close to fair. >> stephanie: you don't get paid for tavern days. >> i mean, i don't have hard information on this but i'm pretty sure most of these guys were already millionaires before they got into congress so the quarter of a million a year is dpraiy for someone like the bonehead. >> stephanie: robert in albuquerque. welcome. >> john: i don't need --
7:42 am
>> caller: i don't need any mouth-wetting lozenges because i'm spitting mad! the latest thing coming from the right wing during this sequestration issue is they want to cut head start. that's a program near and dear to my heart. you know, it basically comes down to the right-wingers i'm talking with say why should kids get free preschool and my kids don't get free preschool. it is like because they're poor. and it gives them a chance to catch up and all of the statistics show that these kids catch up by the time they hit third grade, they're right there with their wealthier peers. >> stephanie: what happened to we when america was a we because it is better for all of us. >> caller: exactly. it is like why are these folks getting free food? because they're poor. again, we're only as good as the least of our brothers. and you know, i really feel like our president is thinking in those terms. but the right wing and the tea
7:43 am
baggers, man, it is just a moral issue that they just can't seem to comprehend. >> reagan and the welfare queens and cadillacs. the idea that's where all of the money is going is the poor people. >> stephanie: might i offer you a mouth-drying lozenge robert? >> a mouth-dying lozenge? >> caller: i could use one of those right now. >> stephanie: for when you're spitting mad. >> bottles of wine to take care of. >> stephanie: james in detroit. hello, james. >> caller: hi, mama. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: i wanted to talk about governor rick snyder who is probably one of the worst governors we've had ever. he came in as the pragmatic nerd in chief but he has done more far right legislation than anybody i can remember and now he has passed his right-to-work legislation and in 2010, he helped gerrymander the michigan electoral college so that it makes no sense and no republican seat is up for challenge.
7:44 am
>> stephanie: yeah. by the way we're going to have somebody on on the gerrymandering stuff because it is really -- there is something we can do about it. what is it? courage campaign? not courage campaign. >> stephanie: we're on it. we had a good discussion with representative adam schiff about it who was talking a lot about it. jerry in wisconsin. welcome. >> caller: hi, stephanie. i would like to bring up a point about dictating terms. and the right is calling constantly pressing, not pushing forward any tax reduction. yet you hear the loopholes for corporate jets. you have $5 billion -- simply corporate -- it is corporate entitlement. it should be named that and it should be brought up and -- >> stephanie: it is like our last caller brought up. it is priorities. it is cutting head start so you
7:45 am
don't have to close the loophole from the stuff you were talking about. common cause. that's what i meant. >> not the courage campaign. that's something completely different. >> stephanie: that's a gay thing. this is common cause is about doing something about the gerrymandering. >> stephanie: okay. >> oh, boy. it's monday. >> stephanie: i'm drunk. corky. hello, corky in new york. >> caller: hello. i gotta get back to correcting these republicans again. they keep blaming the president for new taxes. he hasn't gotten any new taxes yet. we're still trying to get back to what we had in 2002. taxes. so for $450,000 exemptions, he still hasn't gotten back. >> stephanie: corky, you're right. somebody just mentioned how the prosperity during the clinton years and you're right. we aren't even to those tax rates. we couldn't get back to where we were when we had unprecedented prosperity, right? >> they keep saying he got his
7:46 am
tax increase. he did not get a tax increase. he is still in a tax negative. and we gotta stop these guys from spreading these lies. i mean this is absolutely ridiculous. >> stephanie: absolutely. everybody is spitting mad this morning. what's going on? >> pass out therabreath lozenges like candy. >> stephanie: erin in iowa. you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, steph, how are you? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: first of all, i so agree with the last callers. what i have to say brings it together. the g.o.p. seems to have found the willy wonka of politics where they can dream up whatever they want and put it out there to the american public and people want to believe it, they will. that's what we're dealing with. as far as the sequester goes and the job cuts and boehner saying yes, we'll lose some jobs and oh, so be it, well, we are all losing our homes. we're losing our jobs. we're losing our lives because we can't afford healthcare. and you cannot cut your way out
7:47 am
of a hole. you make the hole bigger. i come from a unique vantage point because my grandfather who was born in 1921 went through the depression, was in world war ii and when he came back, it was the jobs program he took advantage of to be able to get him back -- to get his life up. he created his own construction company with his family. he built up a quarter of one side of our town, a good part of our town. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: two of his four children had their own businesses. one of them being my mother who did child care. you want to talk about cuts. the cuts affect the children. and the whole children are our future, it is not stupid. it's true. if you keep taking away the money from the parents who have made the bad decisions, the children pay for it. the cycle keeps going so on, so forth. i'm so ticked off about what's going on because when i was a little girl, i loved robin hood. we're now in robin hood because it is time for somebody to take some of the money away from the rich and give it back to us.
7:48 am
i just want my solid middle class family. i don't want a million dollar home. i don't want five cars. i want my kids to have a good education. i want them to know what real life and real work is and i know that probably represents the majority of people in this country. >> stephanie: absolutely. erin, everybody is on a -- everybody is mad this morning. brilliant points! [ applause ] >> the g.i. bill pretty much created the middle class. >> absolutely. >> stephanie: exactly. grandpa, thanks for taking out your werther's on the air by the way. >> we heard every little bit of that. >> stephanie: does anyone else want a butterscotch? 46 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: she puts the broad back in broadcasting. it's "the stephanie miller show." minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them, right? vo: the war room tonight at 6 eastern
7:49 am
they think this world isn't big enough for the both of them. but we assure you - it is.
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
7:53 am
♪ >> stephanie miller. ♪ and breathe ♪ >> stephanie: oh boy. 51 minutes after the hour. it is like l.a. story. >> we were like that -- the snl skit, the californian. what you want to do is take the 10 to the 510. >> stephanie: you know when someone laughs when you ask how to get to somewhere at a certain hour, it's going to be bad. how do you get to culver city from here? >> i think we laughed for five solid minutes. >> welcome to my world. >> you're screwed. >> stephanie: okay. >> or you could take the 101 to the 405 but going through --
7:54 am
>> stephanie: simple math is never right. okay. 1-800-steph-12. >> usually it is faster because at one time it took me two hours to get to santa monica. >> stephanie: i'm ready for my close-up. however, i think there is no way to get to culver city from here. >> no. the worst place you could go from here, seriously. >> stephanie: the rest of the show, people asking how do you get from burbank to culver city at 9:00 a.m. >> have you ever seen that sketch? the californians. >> stephanie: are you kidding? that's any party in l.a. oh, my gosh. traffic. which way did you go? that way? oh. >> stephanie: first hour of a party then everybody has to go because they talk about what's the best way to get home. all right. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. jill in ithaca. you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, guys. >> stephanie: we know how to get to ithaca.
7:55 am
it is up the transit. >> caller: i was depressed before the iraq war. however, i do remember nbc had scott ritter on who was absolutely telling the truth that there were no weapons of mass destruction. of course, now he has been -- he has lied. npr had been talking about a phony document regarding the tubes. it was signed by a dead guy you know. the bush administration was trying to use this as proof. i mean i did protest i did go to washington for that. as far as giuliani talking he should be in prison and so should liz cheney's father. giuliani was warned to get the documents out of building three and he didn't. i don't know what he knew about 9-11. >> building seven.
7:56 am
>> stephanie: now you've started jim -- oh, boy. all right. >> it is not a component of jet fuel. >> stephanie: ronnie in new jersey you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi ronnie. >> caller: hi, how are you? i would like to give you guys my analogy of the tea baggers and the tea party which i think is the biggest problem with government today. guys like ted cruz. i'm 69 years old. i've been a musician, pretty successful all my life. so i kind of compare everything to the music business. these people are like somebody that's had five pea nano lessons and want to take over the philadelphia orchestra. and they say things like no more bach, no more of the beethoven. we're going to do a john denver book. some ridiculous idea. they get people to vote for them. and it is like i watch you guys and i see your expertise in radio. it looks pretty easy to me. maybe i'll start my own radio show tomorrow. this is what they do. i can't believe people go along
7:57 am
with it. >> stephanie: thank you. you're singing our tune now. that's the thing we hate the most. oh, you only work three hours a day. >> yeah, because we just show up and start talking. >> as a record producer, i'm going to the studio tomorrow to book three minutes because that's all the song is. >> exactly. >> stephanie: you've had me until you snapped on john denver then you lost me. anyone that does not -- >> i appreciate that. >> stephanie: anyone who is not down with grandma's featherbed -- i didn't go with the anti-song and -- >> sunshine on my shoulder. >> stephanie: i went several layers down. >> rocky mountain high. >> stephanie: went in deep denver. >> you went into the deep cuts. >> stephanie: max in mississippi. hey, max. >> hey stephanie. >> stephanie: yes, sir. >> caller: like anybody that's a father, it just concerns me that if this sequester goes through they're going to cut the
7:58 am
programs to women infant and children wic. massive cuts. it is just evil. it is evil. these people -- they're pro-life. once the baby's born, they don't give two blanks about the kid once it's born. and it's all about giving tax breaks to people who have homes for $24 million a year. it is about their special tax cuts. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: they're evil. they are evil. don't play games like this is some kind of philosophical difference. they are evil! >> stephanie: all right, honey. everybody is in a mood this morning. is it my hangover or is everybody cranky? >> everybody is cranky this morning. >> i'm not cranky. shut up! >> stephanie: randy rhodes says love to feed us, hate the
7:59 am
child. doug in west palm beach. hey, doug. >> caller: hey stephanie. i tell you what, i was talking about rich scott earlier and it is amazing. she's right on. in three years, going to have it back in the courts. going to have everything. he's going to put as much money as he can toward it, as long as the government is not paying for it he's going to try to get rid of it all he can. he's a lying sack of crap. what can i say? ♪ you're a lying sack of crap ♪ ♪ you're a lying sack of crap ♪ ♪ you're a lying stinking sack of liquid crap ♪ [ applause ] >> stephanie: i enjoyed that. we haven't heard that in awhile. we haven't heard our 4-year-old version in quite awhile as well. ♪ you're a lying ♪ ♪ you're a lying sack of crap ♪
8:00 am
♪ sticky, messy stack of liquid crap ♪ >> stephanie: all right. >> someone texted me, tell steph to use the current tv chopper to get over the city in 15 minutes. >> stephanie: can someone send the chopper please? >> get the chopper. >> stephanie: i'll be up on the helipad. >> there is an nbc next door at nbc -- there is a helipad next door at nbc. >> stephanie: oh great. we continue with "the stephanie miller show."
8:01 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ]
8:02 am
>> stephanie: oh, jacki schechner. oh no. we found another thing on the interwebs. taylor swift singing -- >> i knew you were trouble. >> stephanie: screaming goats. >> am i the only person who doesn't love the screaming goats? >> stephanie: i think are you. >> not my favorite. >> it is a little -- eh -- alarming. >> freaky. >> stephanie: they sound alarmingly like -- >> they sound like they're in pain. >> like andrew dice clay. ♪ ♪ now i'm lyin' on the cold, hard ground ♪ >> wow. >> maybe goats are trying to warn us about global warming with meteors. >> you've been listening to that for awhile. sometimes the guy in the control
8:03 am
room will put the screaming goat in my ear. that's why i'm over it. i've been listening to it for a long time. >> stop torturing jacki. here she is in the current news center, jacki schechner. >> good morning everybody. secretary of state john kerry is on his first overseas trip right now. the nation's top diplomat. a tour that will take him through europe and the middle east with a conference in rome. europe and the united states also focused on putting pressure on rye ran to abandon its nuclear program. secretary kerry in london urged opposition forces to join in the talks in rome which so far they have threatened to boycott because they're not getting enough help from the international community. u.n. says at least 70,000 people have been killed so far in serious two-year long -- in syria's two-year long civil war. >> we condemn this indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians. we condemn it in the strongest terms. it is just further evidence that assad has to go. >> a big trial starts today for
8:04 am
bp and other companies to figure out who will have to pay how much in the big oil spill in the gulf in 2010 that turned out to be the largest in our nation's history. bp says it has already spent more than $24 billion and plans to spend $42 billion more on spill-related expenses but the federal government, gulf states and other plaintiffs are asking the judge and hoping they'll fine the oil and gas company liable for more. bash yea is planning to break the trial into two parts. first will focus on what caused the oil rig explosion and figure out who's to blame for what there. the second part of the trial to figure out how much oil spilled into the gulf and what was done to clean it up. "the new york times" reporting there may be a settlement in the works but so far the justice department and bp, neither has been able to confirm that. we're back after the break. cenk uygur: i think the number one thing viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. i think the audience gets that i actually mean it. michael shure: this show is about being up to date so a lot
8:05 am
of my work happens by doing the things that i am given to doing anyway. joy behar: you can say anything here. jerry springer: i spent a couple of hours with a hooker joy behar: your mistake was writing a check jerry springer: she never cashed it (vo) the day's events. four very unique points of view. tonight starting at 6 eastern.
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walk onen is shine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: this portion of "the stephanie miller show" brought to you by mr. dui. someone or you know arrested for dui call glen fleetwood. a reasonable doubt for reasonable price. >> stephanie: yeah. rude pundit coming up at the bottom of the hour. you can e-mail us all at you can e-mail us all there
8:09 am
chris lavoie, jim ward. sexy liberal in chicago. go get the tickets. we've gone down a goat hole. can you play some more, please? i don't know why. taylor swift. you were trouble when you walked in with the screaming goats. >> screaming in the right key. >> stephanie: right. capturing all of the hysteria. ♪ i knew you were trouble when you walked in ♪ ♪ places i've never been ♪ ♪ now i'm lying on the cold, hard ground ♪ ♪ trouble trouble trouble ♪ [ screaming ] >> stephanie: i feel that way. >> think of john mayor screaming. >> stephanie: many of her exes connor kennedy. any of them. oh god. run, run don't walk.
8:10 am
you will just be a song. >> i heard over the weekend she's dating someone new now. don't you people learn? >> stephanie: i've turned into a screaming song now. it could be the sequestration. i'm sick of it. i don't know about you. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm sick of the sequestration ♪ ♪ it's given me some frustrations ♪ ♪ i'm done with the sequestration ♪ ♪ it's affecting the whole nation ♪ ♪ i'm sick of the sequestration ♪ ♪ i'm fed up with
8:11 am
sequestration ♪ >> yea. >> stephanie: rocky mountain mike! [ applause ] by the way so obviously teachers and some teachers are going to lose their jobs which normally is a bad thing. these teachers, however maybe not. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] gawker -- >> oh, no. >> stephanie: did you hear this story? people have a weird sense of humor. evil teaches prank students with prank disney world trip. >> that's awful. >> two eighth grade classes were made the butt of a prank tricking students they were going to go on a trip to walt disney world. it involved a power point presentation travel brochures hotel information and a fake permission slip. it culminated -- it was captured by a teacher in an ipad and shown for giggles. the heartbroken kids were distraught to the point of tears and some were dealing with the
8:12 am
shock and humiliation being told they were going to a bowling alley instead. >> what is wrong with people? [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: mean! >> why not just kill their pets right in front of them? [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: yikes. that makes me want to scream like a goat. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: man reports porn with $6,500 was stolen. >> that's some platinum-plated porn! >> stephanie: wow. right? that's gotta include like ex-s talking about how they've never had sex as good as with you and their lives are miserable. that's some gold-plated porn there. >> that is. >> platinum-plated. obliteration. >> stephanie: right. all right. what is in a $6,000 porn collection? one wonders. >> huh. >> stephanie: all your ex-s screaming in agony.
8:13 am
something like screaming goats. >> taylor swift's ex-s. >> stephanie: truman in texas you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi truman. >> caller: good morning, miss miller. >> stephanie: good morning. go ahead. >> caller: hey, listening to the distortion about the head count reduction in the federal government, having been in the federal government various levels, contract managers, et cetera bidding, when they talk about a head count reduction, what they do is they put it up for bid a department. and that bid is then accepted by an integrator. and that integrator takes over that entire department such as the i.r.s. when they want to put a new system in. >> stephanie: okay. >> caller: there will be 45, 50 people. the 35, 40 people are now off the books so that's how you get your head count reductions in the federal government. i've seen it for years. >> stephanie: yeah. okay. >> caller: secondly, the
8:14 am
sequester that is a reduction in the increase that was planned for the year. back on october 1st. so for a department such as teachers, for instance, department of education, on a budget increase of 5%, they will get a budget increase now of about 2%. they're increasing their budgets. so people need to understand and stop all of this hysteria. it will be okay. >> have a good day. >> stephanie: i don't think you would call the education secretary hysteria. this is what arne duncan said. >> we don't have ability with dumb cuts like this to figure out what the right thing to do is. it means a lot more children will not get the kinds of services and opportunities they need in as many as 40,000 teachers could lose their jobs. >> stephanie: i'm going to go with his analysis. don't be calling here with mumbo jumbo and think you proved your point. have a good day. >> good day sir! >> you get nothing! good day to you!
8:15 am
>> stephanie: apparently. gerald in santa barbara. hi gerald. >> caller: hi, thank you for taking my call. the last caller had some very good points which haven't been raised. one of the things i did want to mention was that when obama ran in '08 he agreed he was going to cut the deficit in half in his first term. and that he was going to do a line by line veto of all of the wasted fraud in the government. and in his first four years there were no cuts and he almost doubled our deficits. >> stephanie: he didn't double the deficit. that is -- okay. it is right wing talking point day. >> it really is. >> trolling. >> stephanie: he put it on the books. they were george bush's wars. >> the wars were not on the books previously. obama did the right thing and put them on the books which led to -- >> why did you put them on the books?
8:16 am
>> stephanie: medicare part d wasn't paid for. [ whatever! ] >> he's a kenyan! >> lot of george bush's goodies for the rich. >> stephanie: why do i get a feeling they're like a call center next to each other. good point! >> good point sir! >> stephanie: right wing troll center. >> all of the trolls in the background. >> stephanie: let's go to ed in philly. >> caller: how you doing steph? >> stephanie: hello ed. >> caller: i would like to be the official chemist of "the stephanie miller show." >> ooh we needed one! >> caller: hi, the reason why i called is everybody who's actually making money off of this economy hiding money offshore and other goodies like that are not paying their taxes you can cut the government down to nothing. all we would be paying would be the interest on the debt. and we would still be broke. i mean corporations are high money. overseas and cayman eyelands.
8:17 am
this is nuts. we have to change everything so the small business like the pizza guy the guy with the gas station, they actually pay less money and the middle class pays less money instead of corporations paying less money. we're in bad shape until that happens. >> stephanie: yep, i hear ya. by the way -- big news. the obama administration on friday urges supreme court to strike down the defense of marriage act in a brief that calls the law unconstitutional because it violates the fundamental guarantee of equal protection. by the way prop 8, all of that stuff coming up march 26th. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] oh our legal expert was at my party yesterday that's going to be -- constitutional scholar my friend. she will be in the supreme court for the thing and then she'll call us and give us her analysis. sorry. i'm still -- >> drunk. >> stephanie: deirdre in
8:18 am
annapolis, you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning. i'm holding myself so that i don't punch my republican husband. let me tell you something. these -- john boehner cheney, all of these phony americans we won two elections with this president! he tried to work with them for the first four years. and now, he's saying you had your turn. you didn't do it. now you're going to do it my way. i'm so angry at these republicans. other than that, i'm really having a pretty good day. >> stephanie: deirdre, do not punch your husband. i recommend taylor swift with the screaming goats. you knew he was trouble. ♪ now i'm lying on the cold, hard ground ♪ ♪ trouble trouble trouble ♪ [ screaming ] ♪ trouble ♪
8:19 am
>> stephanie: see? i bet i'm saving a lot of republican significant others were being punched. it will make you giggle. it will get it out your system. there you go. 17 minutes after the hour. oh boy. it's monday. right back on "the stephanie miller show". >> announcer: making right wing wackos everywhere hurl. it's "the stephanie miller show."
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8:23 am
i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. ♪ well she's sexy ♪ >> stephanie miller. ♪ rock n' roll queen ♪
8:24 am
>> stephanie: 22 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12. the rude pundit coming up at the bottom of the hour. let's go to jeremy in anaheim. welcome. >> caller: hey, stephanie. if you think it's bad to be baited and switched with a bowling alley instead of disney world, wait until the tea partiers wake up on their way to the free market paradise and wake up in somalia. anyway real reason i called is that you know that -- anyone remembers that practical joke that a group of people played on a single person where everybody moves over when they look down and the person looks up and all of a sudden they feel like they're the ones that moved? does anyone know who i'm talking about? >> stephanie: no. >> i never heard of that. >> stephanie: i have not. >> it is a practical joke. basically, that's what the republicans are doing. they're moving so far to the right. that way they can point to obama and say well, gee he's so far to the left of us that it must
8:25 am
be him that's the left wing -- they think we're so stupid that we won't know this. that reagan was to the right of -- to the best of lome -- to the best -- left of obama. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: the immigration debate will be coming up next. speaking of -- which side is left and right. in it is in the "l.a. times." business owners emerge. you have like -- they always say republicans are the only pro business party. it is interesting article. business owners submerge in the pro immigration debate. others who want to ensure workers coming in to fill jobs they say americans don't apply for. there is a farmer quoted in here spend a few minutes talking to joe wright in the vast open fields of his dairy farm. he's a staunch republican. he's ready to leave the republican party if it doesn't push hard for immigration reform. this is where the sides are plugger on these issues. said this is an issue where the
8:26 am
conservative republicans are just plain wrong. we cannot milk cows without hispanic labor period. he talks about -- he said it is going to be much harder to operate his farms. congress does not pass immigration overhaul. the work is dirty hurting cows -- herding cows at dawn. giving them shots. here is the fun part. here's the money part. sticking a hand into a cow to check whether she's pregnant while she defecates on you. [ applause ] >> mmm yeah. >> stephanie: i know the job comes with house and calls upon employees to be available at all hours should a cow get sick or go into labor. americans don't apply for the jobs even though they can earn $10 or more an hour. i hired an anglo once. he made it 30 days but he didn't make it 60. put interesting they're talking about different states, the effects in georgia where they passed a measure requiring police to check the immigration status of criminal suspects, growers lost 40% of the crops because farmers didn't have enough labor to harvest it.
8:27 am
in arizona, where they enacted sb1070 construction companies can find no workers because some latinos have left the state. here's where it is going to come down to labor and business. they want workers to have a path to citizenship. if migrant workers become u.s. citizens, they'll leave the low-paying jobs at farms and restaurants. one of the areas of concern in the immigration forum is whether business and labor can both get on board on a proposal for future flow. but this is where republicans are going to get pressured by business. they always say they're the only party that's good for business. it will be interesting to see how that plays out. all right. kevin in d.c. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi committee. >> caller: good morning, lovely stephanie. please forgive me but i couldn't resist when you play that the song i saw your boobs from the oscars last night i couldn't pop it out it stuck in my brain, i touched your boobs.
8:28 am
>> stephanie: i motorboated you. right. >> you motorboated him? >> stephanie: yeah, in d.c. you remember -- >> he motorboated you? >> stephanie: all right kevin, go ahead. >> caller: i don't care. as long as i got! [ laughter ] >> caller: this is a plea to everyone to please -- in the midterms, please come out in president-electral type turnout because i'm sure you saw in the polls last week, washington polls, pew gallup, every issue even some issues, majority of republicans agreed with obama. they're going to get the sequestration come through apparently. >> stephanie: did you say se-iation? >> caller: i'm sorry. i caught words from stephanie. >> stephanie: i'm drunk
8:29 am
however. that's the difference. but he did see my boobs. ♪ we saw your boobs ♪ ♪ in the movie that we saw we saw your boobs ♪ ♪ meryl streep, we saw your boobs in silk wood ♪ ♪ naomi watts in mulholland drive ♪ ♪ angelina jolie. they made us feel excite and alive. ♪ anne hathaway, we saw your boobs in brokeback mountain ♪ ♪ halle berry we saw them in monster's ball ♪ ♪ marisa tomei ♪ ♪ we haven't seen jennifer lawrence's boobs at all ♪ ♪ in the movie that we saw we saw your boobs ♪ ♪ kristen stewart we saw your boobs in "on the road" ♪ ♪ helen hunt we saw them in the sessions and score let johansson, we saw them on our phones ♪ ♪ jessica chastain, we saw your boobs in lawless ♪
8:30 am
♪ jodie foster in the accused ♪ and kate winslet in heavenly creatures and hamlet and titanic and iris and little children and the reader and whatever you're seeing right now we saw your boobs ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, the gay men's chorus of los angeles. ♪ we saw your boobs ♪ ♪ we saw your boobs ♪ [ applause ] >> i like that. that was funny. >> stephanie: of course the best part is the part that made the right wings' heads explode. >> and the oscar goes to "argo." >> what? the fist lady! -- the first lady? what's shae doing in my oscars? [ explosion ] >> stephanie: exploding heads everywhere! what do they think she invited herself? i don't understand.
8:31 am
>> they conveniently forget people like laura bush, george w. bush, ronald reagan have all appeared at major events. >> they're not kenyan communist socialist nazis. >> a bunch of whiners. >> stephanie: they do it because they're uppity, clearly. okay. 29 minutes after the hour. the rude pundit is next on "the stephanie miller show." current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him.
8:32 am
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> announcer: remember, kids she's not a whore if she's an actress. >> stephanie: i'm going to be an actress today. i'm going to shoot a film directly after the show today. you can stop with the directions to culver city. i'm good now. t-bone's got it. 1-800-steph-12 from anywhere. >> what's your role? >> stephanie: me. >> i'm playing stephanie miller. >> interviews celebrities on the carpet for the oscars. >> i think david duchovny is in it. >> it is not one of those porn things. >> stephanie: it would be in the valley. >> jeremy here. what? >> stephanie: he's back up in action. >> he is. good choice on the audition the other day.
8:37 am
tone loc. >> thank you for playing another edition of that's so random. it is monday, everybody! ♪ rude pundit ♪ ♪ ooh pa, papa, ooh ♪ >> sometimes i have to pretend like i have a job. i always try to figure out what the porn name for your show would be since, you know, that's the rule. everything has to have a porn version. >> stephanie: really? >> oh. >> stephanie: oh, i see. >> like the little spermaid. >> stephanie: poke my hontas. >> there you go. conundrum for the rest of the day. >> stephanie: did you see the twitter verse explode that michelle obama was on the oscars? >> yeah, i did. why? i mean, you know, i just -- i
8:38 am
don't understand. would ann romney have been better? >> stephanie: yeah, right. >> stop it! stop it! this is hard! >> ann: stop it! >> stephanie: rudeness, you have an interesting take. we've been talking about this all morning. lots of folks from florida chiming in on the rick scott decision. >> yes. >> stephanie: you write let us praise skeletor for he's made florida suck a little less. republican governor rick scott who looks like what you see before death sucks your soul out is an opportunist and is the [ bleep ] head. he looks like when it comes to things like voting rights, drug tests and more and there's no doubt he's scared [ bleep ] about re-election 2014 when the power of the tea party won't propel him back into. his statement on why he's accepting the federal funds is deserving of mostly praise. a lot of people don't trust him in florida as much as you do right now, i guess. >> well, i think that they're
8:39 am
looking to see what's the angle you know. where is he going to make profit or where is his -- the company that i guess his wife runs now. but you know? at the end of the day a million people are getting some level of healthcare. >> stephanie: that's what chris said. who cares why he did the right thing if he did it. >> exactly. this is the way our medical system works here. somebody is getting rich. we saw that in that amazing "time" magazine piece by steven brill. somebody's getting rich. at least somebody's getting rich this time, at least somebody's getting healthcare. >> stephanie: right. well, i mean, it is interesting. jacki's from florida. she was saying she doesn't trust his thing about i was thinking of my mother and yada. but you were saying his statement was kind of stunning for who he is. you said it was a full defense of using government funding to get healthcare to the poor to say it is imperative to do so. >> right. you know, he didn't just say --
8:40 am
he could have said -- he could have said, you know, oh, you know i want -- my mother's death made me have some reflection on this. he went so far as to say it must be accessible and affordable, not just those in certain zip codes or tax brackets. i mean that's taking it a little farther than he might have had to have gone if he had just said what are we going to do? are we going to not give poor people healthcare? >> stephanie: you also make a good point. he said something -- the rest of the republicans got the memo. there was an election. he said regardless of what i or anyone else believes, the supreme court decision and a presidential election made the president's healthcare mandates the law of the land. him saying basically elections matter. >> right. and you know, why -- you wish the rest of the g.o.p. would get behind that idea. well okay, the country spoke. and you know, you see republicans say this every once in awhile. i think jindal even said it on
8:41 am
"meet the press" yesterday. saying well, you know, there was an election. and of course, for jindal, that just means we gotta change the way we talk about how much we hate the poors and the gays. >> stephanie: yeah. you say it isn't perfect. scott's not going to set up the insurance exchanges although it means the federal government will do it. that's the added irony. you close by saying one or two good policy decisions does not make up for a couple of years of [ bleep ] but when someone does unexpectedly right especially when doing so makes them apostate, it deserves notice. you're right. >> again, at the end is this going to do good for a lot of people? and you know, that's got to be the bottom line these days. >> stephanie: well, you wish -- as you were saying, even in the sequestration fight, they would get there was an election. he ran on exactly these issues. the american people, as the president said the other day agreed with him. doesn't look like it will matter. >> have you ever seen anything as boggling as this?
8:42 am
sitting there going okay, you know, we went through the whole debt ceiling thing that hit the credit rating of the nation. that was just insane. come on. they can't get any worse. and then we're doing this which has no rhyme or reason behind it other than everybody's calling each other's bluff. it is crazy. did you see the list that they put out today of how every state is affected on the state by state basis? >> stephanie: yeah. the governors are getting nervous, right? >> i was looking at california. you guys are screwed! >> stephanie: yeah. >> well, we're used to being screwed. >> stephanie: we are. >> i guess so. >> kinds of things of these nature. >> stephanie: they let us run the state with those stupid propositions. would everyone like a glitter farting unicorn? yes. would you like to raise your water bill? no. no taxes. >> i love things like in california 15,810 fewer chirp
8:43 am
will see vaccines. i love that. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> you want to have children with measles mumps rubella whooping cough and the flu wandering the streets of sacramento. >> stephanie: exactly. longer lines at the airport. that's going to be way fun. >> yep. you know, your hoping there's some amount of exaggeration going on here. just to get the rhetoric heated up for what will hopefully be one more last-second rescue. but i don't know. something about this -- the seriousness with which this is being talked about by governors by everyone. i don't believe -- what is it? was it krauthammer who said oh, it won't be as bad. everybody is just -- running around, saying the sky is falling. >> stephanie: right. yeah. but we played rudy giuliani said that in right-wing world. it is not so bad. the government has too many employees anyway. >> they're saying that because
8:44 am
the sky is actually falling. >> stephanie: air-traffic controllers are -- not there. >> airports that are going to close. again, that was on "meet the press." david gregory bringing that up with jindal that one of your airports might have to close in the state. to be honest, it is a pretty crappy airport. [ laughter ] >> well, okay, there's that. >> stephanie: you're from there. i think the most important question what the hell was "life pi" about. a guy in a boat with a tiger. i didn't get it. i did not see it. >> i did see it. and you know what? i just saw it as -- i wish i had dropped acid before. because i just saw it as look at all of these pretty things floating by. >> unfortunately, a lot of kids saw the movie and they shouldn't have because a lot of animals dying. >> stephanie: it was like a bp ad. [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] >> all of the animals died
8:45 am
off-screen. didn't you actually see. it was 3-d. how cool would it have been seeing a tiger tearing something apart in 3-d. no no, they deny us that. >> i was looking for more pi. >> exactly. >> stephanie: congratulations to ang lee who won for that acid trip. >> there's no way to talk about what's wrong with the movie. i'm totally spoiling the end. >> they should have served acid-laden pie. >> stephanie: i can't talk about why "silver linings playbook" irritated me so much because then i would ruin the ending. >> we can talk about how much "zero dark thirty" irritated everybody. >> stephanie: did you see the piece in "the new york times" yesterday? this is exactly the point. i saw it this weekend. that's the point i've been making. hollywood lies and torture. you know it basically -- this character, rude, that was tortured in the movie is a composite character. they were saying even the real guy was not tortured.
8:46 am
the movie absolutely makes it seem like torture led to us getting bin laden. he said that absolutely was not the case. that guy was never -- >> water boarded. >> stephanie: the guy that was, you know, cha lead chic mohammed, he actually gave them information that led them away from the courier. >> but you know, showing that one of the prisoners was such a bad ass that he could take 183 waterboardings would have destroyed the narrative. >> stephanie: yeah. that's exactly what i was saying. his point in this piece that was in "the new york times" that should declassify this. you can't make a historical -- a film about historical things that is so inaccurate. that is what john mccain is saying. >> that's what happened when dick cheney is the technical adviser. >> glen greenwald has this gleeful dance on the grave of the oscar dreams in the garden of "zero dark thirty." >> stephanie: i said this. i get kathryn bigelow wrote a
8:47 am
piece where she said i don't believe torture led to us getting bin laden but she was saying that it would have been inaccurate -- there was torture during that period but i agree with people who say yes but the way it was portrayed in the film was inaccurate. it made it seem like it was logical that this led to us getting bin laden. that was not the case. >> in the movie, it is an aid -- they torture somebody, they end up using the threat of tort ruring him again to get the nickname of the courier and that leads to them finding the courier later on. >> a to b to c is how you construct a movie. you can't construct a movie like real life. it is too messy. >> stephanie: they say at the beginning based on real events. it is too big a historical event to get it wrong, i think. >> before everybody started talking about oh, wow, maybe we're upset about the way torture is portrayed the filmmakers were out there saying oh yes, we tried to be as
8:48 am
journalistic as possible in this. so sorry you can't have it both ways. you can't back off when people are saying but if you're journalistic, you got the facts wrong. >> should have had him eaten by the tiger of "life pi." >> or watch "les miz." >> more importantly sean mclaughlin on twitter has come up with a porn name for the show. the stephanie drill her show. >> stephanie: thank you. [ ♪ circus ♪ ] >> stephanie: try the sausage. rude pundit, love you. love you rudeness. see you next week. 46 minutes after the hour. back with the remaining moments of "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: she listens to right wing wacko radio so you don't have to anymore. it is "the stephanie miller show." (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me.
8:49 am
>>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? save them. woolite everyday cleans your jeans and won't torture your tanks. woolite washed clothes look like new, longer.
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>> stephanie miller. ♪ one way or another i'm gonna find ya ♪ ♪ i'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha one way or another ♪ >> stephanie: the stephanie -- >> the stuff me and fill her show. i don't know how we got on that. >> rude pundit. [ applause ] >> oh. who else? >> stephanie: porn names. all right. all right. we were going over -- because i missed most of the oscars in a drunken stupor. i had an oscar party. >>i don't remember it. >> we were both like you remember anything? i was like no.
8:54 am
>> where did she sleep? >> stephanie: not with me. let's not start -- >> you've been known to make moves on your straight friends. >> stephanie: i don't believe i did that. >> did i do what i thought i did? >> stephanie: i don't remember. >> stephanie: i do reat point she was reaching to get the grader it's and she was straddling me. >> gatorade served as mixers? >> that's what you drink the morning after. >> stephanie: we were trying to rehydrate. we were having a slumber party. that part was in my head but nothing else. it was just hydration. >> was the party in your bedroom? >> stephanie: later it was. it was a slumber party later. >> well! i left too soon, clearly. >> apparently! >> stephanie: she made her hot brie which is her porn name. you had some jim. saw.
8:55 am
>> i did. i got some hot brie in d.c. also. on stage. >> stephanie: all right. i had to explain that to your wife. i was like i set that up. the whole thing where melissa kissed him. jim did not enjoy it at all. that was my -- >> good thing she's not the jealous type. >> stephanie: she would punch me. i was looking at the lesser things because who pays attention to those anyways. i was surprised that zero dark thirty won for sound editing? how hard could that be? [ whirring of helicopter ] you couldn't hear the monologue. >> i can't hear you. >> stephanie: it is like a hard-of-hearing darth vader. >> what? >> what? >> stephanie: okay. we just did it for you. you don't have to see zero dark thirty now. >> wasn't the raid itself silent? >> well, as silent as you could make it. >> stephanie: with helicopters. >> when they land and went through the house they couldn't let anybody know they were
8:56 am
there. >> stephanie: well, except for the gunfire. >> all right. >> okay. >> hello, anybody home? >> stephanie: all right. would you like to know the fun facts about the swag bags? >> sure. >> stephanie: gawker brings us the story. what inappropriate items are in the swag bag that 9-year-old little q -- let's see what she got. >> okay. >> a bong? >> gawker writes people relish exploring the complexities of the human spirit because they majored in art history and are otherwise unemployable. because they love gift bags. mostly it is the gift bag. wow. worth $45,000. >> you have to pay taxes on that if you accept it. >> stephanie: wow! 9-year-old little q as what we're going to call her -- >> little q wallis. her last name is wallis. >> stephanie: nate silver called it again about jennifer lawrence was going to win. [ ding ding ] the man is a numbers genius. >> he is.
8:57 am
>> stephanie: choice of two luxury trips to australia. the vampire face-lift. always good for a 9-year-old. >> vampire face-lift? >> stephanie: $5,000. a procedure that puts acid in your face to make you look younger. little q won't look a day over 8. private v.i.p. service for dignitaries, heads of states, blah, blah blah. windex. you get windex? >> left over from -- >> what is this? the 99 cent store? >> stephanie: i don't know. >> my big fat greek wedding. they put windex in everything. >> stephanie: naked condoms. that will be good for her. >> great. >> stephanie: and tequila. bonita platinum tequila and condoms. >> two tastes that go great together. >> stephanie: all right. did i mention ron jeremy is up? >> he is. we wish him well. >> stephanie: he's almost 60. he was near death after
8:58 am
suffering an aneurysm. multiple surgeries later he's out of critical condition and ready to -- you know -- do that thing. okay. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] the jacksons believe their brother, michael was persecuted like jesus. probably best not to make that analogy. tito jacki marlon and jermaine think his life mirrored biblical biblical -- because of the way his life was destroyed. although there were some key differences. far be it for me -- i won't point them out. jermaine said you mention jesus. look what he did he did all of the miracles and they still find a way to nail him up on the cross. >> i wouldn't call moonwalking the same as the loaves and fishes. [ whatever! ] >> stephanie: okay. all right. bill in albany. let's go to you. hi bill, welcome. >> hey steph, how are you? >> i just wanted to tell you how
8:59 am
crazy this local blogger is up here. we have a guns blog and a local paper. and it is always entertaining to have people who don't know how to use the proper verb tense talking to you about constitutional interpretation. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: it is really very humorous. it really isn't a fair fight but what the hell. >> stephanie: most of my hate letters are violence against the english language. >> many have died in their service. >> caller: we need to add you to the boob song next year. >> stephanie: oh, thank you. >> are you going to show your boobs in your film today? >> no. not as far as i know. >> is ron jeremy in your film? >> i don't think so. thanks for call. let's go to sean in chicago. you're on "the stephanie miller show." you get to close us out today. hey, sean. >> caller: hello. >>


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